Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sewing days at Howl Space/ Những ngày may vá ở Howl Space

That is a green floor
A wooden wall,
An old style furniture 
All small statues standing behind glass with dust and never blink their eyes.
A yellow sunny go through the window.

That is sewing days
Sewing boundaries
Sewing dreams of happiness
Sewing an empty heart
Sewing days of loneliness.

That is  silent sounds
Sound of an old air-condition
Sound of your own step
Sound of your own breathing.
Just counting by clock's moving.

That is the day of emptiness
Yellow sunny is frozen
Sewing hand is frozen 
Nothing is moving
Just silent,
and silent.

Howl Space, Tainan, Taiwan.
2nd Oct, 2012

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