Sunday, July 15, 2007

NTTD.01_ Street's Eyes - 60x 80cm- oil on canvas

NTTD.02_ Moon in dream- 70x70cm- Oil on canvas

NTTD.03_ Aspiration- 80x60cm- Acrylic on canvas

NTTD.05_ Young Girl- 65x92cm- Oil on canvas

NTTD.06_ Puberty- 90x72cm- Acrylic on canvas

NTTD.07_ Classical Season- 72x89cm- Mix on canvas

NTTD.08_Mother and Baby- 80x60- Oil on canvas

NTTD.10_Sad Gospel- 70x70cm. Acrylic on canvas

NTTD.11_Tender Age- 80x60cm- Acrylic on canvas

NTTD.12_ Forbidden Fruit- 80x60cm- Acrylic on canvas

NTTD.13_Moon- 70x40cm- Acrylic on canvas

NTTD.14_Nightmare- 65x55cm- Acrylic on canvas

NTTD.15_ My father and the see- 50x50cm- Acrylic on canvas

NTTD.16_ Seeds of life- 50x42cm- Oil on canvas

NTTD.17_ A New Day- 50x50cm- Acrylic on canvas

NTTD.18_ Still Life- 26x31cm- Acrylic on canvas

NTTD.22_ Portrait 2- 74x50cm- Acrylic on paper

NTTD.23_Asomnambulist- 26x31cm- Acrylic on canvas

NTTD.24_ Fish and a red cord- 50x 100cm- Oil on canvas.

NTTD.25_ Images in the old day- 90x 72cm- Mixed media

NTTD.26_Eyes Of Sea- 70x70cm- Oil on canvas

NTTD.27_ Communion-80x60cm- Mixed media.